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Imagine you’re at a beach, leisurely enjoying the sun, the sand, and the ocean with your bae. Only the next moment, though, your laptop appears out of thin air and the pristine view is replaced by an excel sheet. Welcome to Atharv’s life! A free-spirited soul, Atharv is an IIT-IIM graduate who has had an accomplished career, till he lands up with Mandira, a difficult, bordering-on-insane boss who makes her team dance to her tunes. Atharv grapples with the mounting work and the daily pressures of an urban Indian man, as Mandira finds new ways to shatter his confidence and determination. While he battles it out with this virus of a boss and her insane ways of managing work, another virus strikes the world and enters his life. At times hilarious, at times dramatic, witness this corporate slave’s roller-coaster ride as he plans his retribution from the two viruses and Dares to LIVE!

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Dare To Live!’ book by author Himanshu Bhatia. Its a story of the protagonist Atharv who is an IIT-IIM graduate who is an honest and hard-working guy. Atharv works in the products department under team manager Mandira who is strict, rude, and arrogant. she makes him work on the weekends, holidays, and overtime. And she made his life like hell. And it’s becoming difficult for Atharv to manage his personal and professional life. Even he tested covid positive and in a pandemic, she pressurized to work in the office as well as from home.

so what will Atharv do? or will he teach a lesson to his boss? to know go for the book…

The cover and title of the book suites the book. The book tells about the ups and downs of corporate life. The author beautifully explained the life of working professionals and their families. The plot of the book is gripping and engaging till the end. The simple writing makes the book read in one to two go. Recommended to all those who like to read corporate fiction books.


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