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Author Interview Kirti Changlani

About Author
Kirti Changlani is a 20 year-old with two books to her name. A reader on the weekends; and a content creator plus blogger on most days. She has studied Journalism. She finds her solace in Literature and Nature. She writes fictional stories and poetry – which mostly comes naturally to her.


  • Tell us something about yourself.
    • My name is Kirti Changlani. I have been writing since my teenage years. I started with blogging and eventually found my way to storytelling and writing Novels. I have studied Journalism and through my writings, I’ve vocalized many social issues.
  • Tell us about your books and achievements.
    • I have published my first book “A Life, Less Ordinary” In 2019. It is a Life inspiration novel, which is about self-discovery and finding your true purpose. My debut book was amongst “Top 100 Debut Novels of India – by Literatureslight”. My second book, “The Search For Belonging” had originally released in 2020. It is a travel Fiction novel and is an entertaining story of three friends. My second book won multiple awards as well. “Best Fiction Author 2021 by Litvoice” “Best Author in Fiction by Inspiro Awards”.
  • When you develop a character do you already know who they are before Writing or do you let them develop as you go?
    • It totally depends upon the story, sometimes I sit down and think it through. I sketch out the characters. Other times, I let the characters develop alongside story. If I let it develop on-the-go then it even enhances the story. As I wouldn’t be stuck and let them take its course.
  • Do any of the main characters hold a special place in your heart? If so, why?
    • It’s difficult to choose one character out of so many I have wrote. While I am writing, I literally live those characters’ life. So I have all tears and joys, the same as them. From Aanan to Mahendra (characters from Book one) to Dhiraj, Niharika and Hritik (Book two). They’re all very very special to me. Likewise with the side characters and with all of my characters from forthcoming books.
  • You have described beautiful scenes in the book. Have you traveled as research for your book?
    • Firstly, thanks for the compliment. For my second book, which is a Travel Fiction Novel. I definitely had to travel to that location. I myself like traveling and to go to a certain place with a purpose to jot it down in a story, while also making it so lively that readers feel they’re living there was such an experience! I absolutely would love to do it all over and again.
  • Are there any secret from the book (that aren’t in the blurb) you can share with your readers?
    • I think the book itself remains a secret unless Readers actually take out time to read it cover-to-cover. And each page, each line gets into their heart. All I can say is – I do hide many secrets of not just my life, but of people I’ve ever encountered in my life or some beautiful incidents. So if readers pick up my books, may be they’ll find themselves in the story.
  • What do you hope readers will take away from this book?
    • From my second book, The Search For Belonging – all I hope is that readers take away a beautiful entertaining story which also inspires them to some extent. I truly aim even people who aren’t much of readers get to read this book, since its a light-hearted and full-of-life read. My debut book, was itself praised by many readers for multiple messages and moving emotions it holds.
  • Are you working on anything at the present you would like to share with your readers about?
    • Yes, presently I’m working on two books. Of which, one is a poetry collection. I’m writing those poetries since 6 years now. I hope they soon come to this world and reach in readers hands. I have a short story collection in progress as well.
  • Where can reader purchase your book? Where can readers find more about you and your books?
    • My books are available online on global e-commerce platforms. From Amazon, Flipkart, Kindle Worldwide, Google Play Bookstore. Also globally available on eBook stores like Barnes and Noble. Readers can just search my full name and find my books. To find more about my books, they can connect with my Goodreads page or Instagram and social media pages.

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