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Book Review, ‘Invictus: The Jungle that Made Me’

Book Blurb

I’ve been waiting for a book that drags one by the arm into the craggy, rugged, gorgeously terrifying landscape of India’s Northeast and it’s finally here in this breathless, unsettling adventure’ – Shiv Aroor, journalist and author of India’s Most Fearless

Six children

One treacherous jungle

A gripping story of resilience

Tawang, 10,000 feet above sea level and home to a remote Indian military base at the Indo-China border, is abuzz. Six army children – the oldest, thirteen, the youngest, six – have been missing since daybreak in the surrounding jungles.

With inclement weather, thick cloud cover, swollen streams raging downwards and lurking predators, the six are facing their hardest test yet. As the daunting jungle slowly unravels its plans, the children must find a way out before sundown.

Set against the harsh and inhospitable terrain of Arunachal Pradesh, Invictus is a compelling first-person account of survival against all odds.

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Book Review

It’s a story of six children who went missing in the jungles of Arunachal Pradesh without any gear, food, or telecommunication devices. The thirteen was the oldest and six years was the youngest in which two are boys four are girls.

They were vacationing in Tawang, a remote military base near the Indo-China border. They planned a picnic, while the picnic did not happen, but life has planned something for them. Which turn their life three sixty degrees.

They were pushed to the limits of their physical and emotional endurance. They come close to die twice. And it was battle against teens vs Nature, it’s a survival story of teen aginst nature jungle. The book takes you to the stunning beautiful yet treacherous terrain of Tawang.

The book gives the thrilling experience with adventure, life-death, fear, loss, dens-forest, nature, and many more.

Lines from the book,” so shut up, live, travel, adventure…and don’t be sorry”

The cover of the book is attractive the title is embossed in silver and itself gives an idea about the book. The writing of the book is easy. The story of the book is engaging till the end. Recommended to all those who looking to read some thrilling & adventurous stories.

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