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Book Review For, ‘The Search For Belonging’.

Book Blurb

They say, ‘Travel makes you wiser’. But sometimes, while you are away from the chaos – amidst the silence, you end up knowing yourself a bit more! Oh yes, Dhiraj holds similar philosophies. I mean, other than that, what does a writer have? But Niharika, the complete opposite personality, hates most of the stories; except the one, she is running from! And Hritik﹘A stud. He carries a heartache unknown to the world. Through this tiny escape, several life-altering choices are to be made! This is a story of Three friends— where love, hope, friendship, relationships, fate, heart, and destiny intertwine. This slice of life reflects the contemporary youth and everything that surrounds them. Set across Asia’s smallest hill station. This musical and emotionally charged story of self-discovery and the search for belongingness is one such to resonate with the voids of your heart. And give you enough reason to pack your bags and take the trip you always wanted! Don’t miss this journey!

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Book Review

‘The Search for Belonging’ book by author Kirti Changlani. It’s a travel genre book. The book is divided into small 22 chapters.

It’s the story of Dhiraj and Niharika. The journey starts from the city of dreams to Asia’s smallest hill station Matheran. Book takes you on the journey between the mountain and makes you feel the smell of moist soil, rain, energy from nature. the mesmerizing sound of water. singing trees, etc.

The book combination of love, hope, fate, nature, friendships, and destiny intertwine.

Book explains the lovely conversation between both.

Some lines from books,
“Sometimes traveling is all about unloading that emotional baggage: the ones which are unspoken of.’

So are you excited about the journey?..go for the book.

The plot of the book is Interesting. The author tried to put the beauty of travel in words. during reading, it feels the journey of nature. The writing is simple. The book is short to read and complete in one go. Recommended to all those who like to travel and want to feel the extraordinary journey.

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